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Whisenhunt: Need, talent factor into draft

The Cardinals deviated from their usual draft plan last
April when making their second-round selection.

Sure, the Cardinals like to take the “best player
available,” but need does generally factor into the

But, if there is one position the Cardinals didn’t really
need help at — especially early in the draft — it was
running back.

“You always try to take the best player available, because
that’s how you build your team, but you always keep an eye
towards your needs and you try to fit both of those things
together,” Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt told Arizona
Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Monday. “Last year was a
departure from that from the standpoint of Ryan Williams,
didn’t really have a perceived need at running back.”

Of course, an injury put an end to Williams’ rookie season
before it really even began, but the fact remains that the
Cardinals took him simply because he represented the best
value of anyone when their second-round pick, 38th
overall, was up.

Maybe that was a rare occurrence, as the team would rather
not ignore its needs when drafting. However, Whisenhunt
has made no secret of his willingness to improve the team
in any way possible, so adding a player who can help —
from any position — will always be an option.