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ESPN analyst says D-backs looking to deal

Thanks to manager Kirk Gibson the Arizona Diamondbacks have been more aggressive on the field this season and it’s paying off in the standings. They may also become more aggressive than they have been in years off it this season too, thanks to general manager Kevin Towers.

ESPN’s Buster Olney, via Twitter, said that he expects the D-backs to be buyers rather than sellers this summer.

A team that is going to be aggressive before the deadline, with money to spend — the Arizona Diamondbacks. Poised to spend.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Over the last few seasons the D-backs have been hesitant to spend at the deadline thanks to deffered payments from their 2001 World Series team that have saddled them with more debt than a poor kid paying for college with student loans. For the first time in over a decade it looks like the financial restraints have been lifted and they’ll have a chance to add a piece that can not only help them now but potentially for years to come as well.

If the D-backs want to stay relevant the remainder of this season and moving forward, making a big splash and adding another quality starting pitcher or power bat would help them accomplish just that. Right now they’re a fun surprise story that many feel lack ‘staying’ power. Pulling the trigger on a deal that adds a player or two that can help, regardless of the price tag, will prove to the fans, and the NL West, that they’re here to stay.

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