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D-backs pick Bauer is different and that’s fine

Trevor Bauer, who the D-backs picked with the third overall selection in the 2011 MLB Draft, is a little unconventional.

From the time he takes the mound each inning and throws his first warmup selection to every pitch he throws, he’s just a little…different.

And that’s fine, according to the Sports Interactive crew.

“This guy’s funky, man,” Paul Calvisi said. “Look at all the pitches he has: the four seam fastball, he’s got the curve, he’s got a slider, a split, a change and a reverse-slider, it’s like a screwball.”

Dave Burns is also impressed with the UCLA product

“He’s got six pitches, he plays long-toss from foul pole to foul pole, he plays hacky-sack with an actual baseball, he plays catch with water-logged baseballs to build up arm strength,” he mused.

Nobody minds eccentricity so long as the player is producing. Nomar Garciaparra’s shenanigans in the batter’s box were accepted while Mike Fetters’ pre-pitch routine was fine until they stopped producing.

Once that happened every “abnormal” part of their game was picked apart, looked at as a reason for their struggles.

Here’s hoping it never gets to that point with the newest Diamondback.

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