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D-backs to the American League nothing more than rumors

Don’t get to used to the idea of the designated hitter, the New York Yankees and the rest of what comes along with American League baseball making regular appearances at Chase Field. Just because there are rumors about a possible move to the ‘Junior Circuit’ doesn’t mean anything will come of them.

In a conversation with the Arizona Republics Nick Piecoro Tuesday, Arizona Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall cleared up comments he made to the USA Today on the subject Monday.

“Naturally, we would look into it if asked about it,” Hall said. “But I’m not sure we’d ever get to that point because I think other teams make more sense geographically than we do.

Those other teams would include the Houston Astros who many feel could easily move to the American League West without any real issue (except maybe travel time).

The question is, what’s more important to Bud Selig and baseball’s brass; a team with almost 50 years of history in the National League and no World Series titles or one that has only been in the league 11-years but has won a championship?

Since baseball is a game heavily predicated on tradition, you’d assume that league would lean towards not moving the team with more of it. Then again, if they’re going to move a franchise and give each league 15 clubs, maybe tradition isn’t that important anyways.

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