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Phoenix Suns Jevon Carter and Frank Kaminsky frightened at Fear Farm

Phoenix Suns’ guard Jevon Carter and forward Frank Kaminsky recently got into the Halloween spirit by visiting one of the most terrifying spots in the Valley — Fear Farm.

Carter and Kaminsky may be tough on the hardwood, but things are a bit different in a spooky haunted house and cornfield in the middle of the night.

The Phoenix Suns posted a video of the two’s experience on the team’s Twitter account Saturday in honor of Halloween.

“This is everything I never wanted to do,” Carter said at one point in the video.

The two had monsters pop out at them — screaming from behind corners and under chests — and even had to deal with a certain gorilla mascot holding a revving chainsaw.

Things took a turn for the worse when Carter and Kaminsky entered the cornfield, as Kaminsky went missing.

“Why did we lose Frank?!” Carter exclaimed.

Little did Carter know, Kaminsky had decided to join in the fun of providing a good scare.

Carter was over the experience and ready to leave at the end.

Suffice to say he feels much more comfortable on the basketball court.

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