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D-backs close to Giants in standings, not in talent

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been outscored 36-26 by the San Francisco Giants as the defending World Series champs have taken seven of nine games from team in Sedona Red.

Four of the seven losses have been by one run, though, leading many to think that the Diamondbacks, while maybe not being right there with the Giants, are not far behind.

“When I watch these two teams play…why is it that to me it doesn’t feel like the Arizona Diamondbacks are really that close to the San Francisco Giants,” Dave Burns wondered on Sports 620 KTAR’s Sports Interactive. “I think the Giants have a clearly superior pitching rotation to the Arizona Diamondbacks, a clearly superior bullpen to the Arizona Diamondbacks; I just don’t think the Arizona Diamondbacks have enough and I think what we’re looking at right now tends to be more of a mirage.

“I don’t think the Diamondbacks are that close to the Giants when you really go brass tacks and look at the two teams side by side.”

Thanks for raining on our parade, Dave.

In reality the fact that the Giants, even with stars Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey missing significant time with injuries, are still 1.5 games ahead of the D-backs. Add in that yes, the Giants easily boast the better pitching staff, and it’s easy to see why Burns feels the way he does.

That said, the 2007 Diamondbacks were far less impressive than this bunch, and they won 92 games and made it to the NLCS. Does this team have a similar run in them?

We’ll find out soon enough.

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