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Suns tease ‘The Valley’ merch ahead of new jersey’s release

The Phoenix Suns have a new jersey coming. We know what it looks like already. It’s pretty cool.

The Suns know that too, so the Suns have cleverly begun teasing the jersey’s reveal, slowly adding more color to their profile pictures on Twitter and Instagram by the day.

It looks like there’s more for fans to be excited about, though.

On Tuesday ahead of the Thursday release, Phoenix released three teasers on Instagram of players rocking some new merch branded around “The Valley” center text you’ll find on the front of those leaked City Edition jerseys.

It looks like this is a whole rebrand of sorts that the team will ride throughout the year.

Here’s Mikal Bridges and Elie Okobo in some shirts and a facemask.

Cam Johnson found a worn-down basketball and a wall to lean on in a few more of those shirts, including our personal favorite in white with the multi-color logo outlining the shape of a basketball court.

Last but certainly not least, Kelly Oubre Jr. is of course with a horse.

Take our money.