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Diamondbacks offense must improve

The Arizona Diamondbacks are 3-1 since the All-Star break, a record that would be looked at in a positive light if they had scored more than 14 runs in the four games.

Alas, they have not, and while Kirk Gibson said the important thing is that the team is winning games, Sports 620 KTAR’s Dave Burns isn’t so sure.

“Now obviously we know what number matters the most, but let’s be realistic about this for a second,” Burns said on Sports Interactive. “How much longer can we continue to expect the Arizona Diamondbacks to have this kind of success when they’re doing this poorly offensively?”

It’s a good question.

While they say winning cures all ills, it also tends to lead people into overlooking them. And, really, one would have to think a team batting average of .212, which happens to be what the D-backs have hit the last four games, will not lead to many more wins.

“At some point something has to give,” Burns said. “It can’t go on like this for much longer.”

Those are words that, while a little cryptic, are probably more accurate than any Diamondbacks fan would like to believe.

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