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ESPN MLB insider: Give Upton time

Sometimes we forget the fact that Justin Upton is just 23.

Already a veteran of four Major League seasons, Upton’s tenure with the Diamondbacks is surpassed only by Miguel Montero and Chris Young.

“We get thrown off by the rare position player who gets to the big leagues before his 20th birthday because then they’re in the big leagues, three, four years, and you think, ‘hey, why hasn’t it happened yet,'” ESPN’s Keith Law said. “For Upton, he’s really right on time and I think there’s plenty more in there too.

“This is just a taste of what’s going to come over the next six, seven years.”

Law said Upton’s plate discipline and pitch selection will improve. Though “he’s never been a hacker,” Law says Upton’s already improved in that area.

Another area Upton has improved, according to Law? Confidence.

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