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DeAndre Hopkins in Verzuz battle: I’ll make a chain with 3 Bills, cemetery

“I’m going to get a chain made with they three names on it and a cemetery.”

That was Arizona Cardinals All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins on Thursday night talking about the game-winning Hail Murray catch in November over three Buffalo Bills defensive backs.

Hopkins said such a thing while spitting heat in a Verzuz battle against Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. During the hour-long show hosted by Deion Sanders and MJ Acosta-Ruiz, the confident stars lived up to their play with their talk.

The Cardinals receiver had everyone dying when he went over his touchdown catch against the Bills.

Ramsey and Hopkins went deep into the memory banks to discuss their extensive one-on-one matchups as well as their career highlights.

Ramsey even took a page out of Hopkins’ book, stealing a turn of phrase the Cardinals receiver used after his Hail Mary catch against Buffalo (“They were in position, it was just a better catch by I,” Hopkins said after the game).

“He putting on a good show,” Ramsey said of his battle with Hopkins, “but it’s just a better show by I.”

Hopkins had quite a few moments in the virtual duel, too.

Here are some of the highlights:

— After making a catch by a ball thrown by one of the many Houston Texans quarterbacks he’s played with: “Who at quarterback? I don’t know. It don’t matter.”

— On his viral practice smack talk with DeAngelo Hall than ended with Hopkins breaking Hall’s ankles: “The senior citizen home is right up the street. Some people at the senior citizen home. I send people there sooner than they expect to go there. That’s all.”

Of Ramsey speaking about his signing of a $105 million contract: “He spent half of it on chains, too.”

On watching his own TD coach over Bengals CB Pacman Jones: “I’m like the grandfather killer.”

Hopkins on his former teammate Deshaun Watson: “You saw who the quarterback was, the ex-Texan, Deshaun Watson.”

On making a touchdown catch against former Steelers cornerback Joe Haden: “Shoutout to my boy doing the six-pack workout because I definitely stepped on his tummy to get my foot down a little bit. If he had a little belly, I don’t know if I’d have got my toes down.”

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