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ASU head coach Bobby Hurley takes a tumble arguing with the refs

Arizona State men’s basketball head coach Bobby Hurley is known across the sport for making his disagreements with the calls referees make known through shouting and hand movements.

That fiery energy caused Hurley to lose his balance during the game against Stanford on Saturday night as he fell backward after jumping and yelling about a foul call against his team, landing the coach on his butt.

“I had a good jump on the sideline and I couldn’t stick the landing so I have to deal with that now,” Hurley said in a Zoom call after the game.

He played it off well, laughing while remaining on the floor.

That was until the referee decided to give him a technical foul.

Hurley’s demeanor immediately changed, jumping back to his feet to argue some more.

The foul was one of many against Arizona State as Stanford made 31 of 34 free-throw attempts.

Hurley’s technical foul didn’t matter much, however, as Arizona State pulled out the 79-75 win.

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