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Kevin Kolb deserves a second chance

I have a question for Cardinals fans: What did Kevin Kolb
do deserve getting booed Wednesday night? We’re not
talking about a game, and we’re not even really talking
about a practice. We’re talking about a minicamp workout
at Fan Fest! Kolb probably thought he was back at Lincoln
Financial Field instead of University of Phoenix Stadium.
Besides, when did you turn into Philly fan?

Of course last season was a disappointment. Kolb would be
the first to tell you he should’ve thrown more than nine
touchdowns and fewer than eight interceptions in only nine
starts. He’d also tell you he should’ve made more than
nine starts. I’m guessing he didn’t overly enjoy battling
turf toe and head injuries last season. I’m going to also
assume Kolb didn’t enjoy feeling like a sitting duck in
the pocket because his left tackle didn’t/couldn’t block
for him. Sure he had happy feet, but wouldn’t you?

Kolb would’ve also benefitted from offseason workouts
after being acquired from Philly last season. Save your
“Cam Newton did just fine without OTA’s and Minicamp, and
he was a rookie” comments. Kolb is not Newton. Not even
close. Newton has a legitimate chance to be a Hall of
Fame quarterback. If he stays healthy, I believe Kolb will
become a solid NFL starter (think along the lines of Rich
Gannon) that can help a team win games, but will probably
never carry a team.

It’s not like Kolb came to Arizona with a sense of
entitlement. Sure he got a nice contract, but he also knew
the Cards were somewhat desperate for someone who could
give them a chance to win games. He didn’t demand
outrageous money. He came in, said the right things and
put in the work to try and hastily learn a brand new
Even Larry Fitzgerald commented during training camp how
impressed he was with Kolb’s work ethic. Of course you
want that to translate to the field, but things don’t
always work out that way.

I know the fans who booed Kolb in June are the same ones
who’ll be sporting No. 4 jerseys in November if he’s
helping the Cards rack up wins. They also might be the
same people who demand patience when they’re struggling in
a particular area of their life, but aren’t as forgiving
toward others.

Assuming Kolb begins the season as the starter (and I
believe he should), he needs a strong start. This is a
franchise that has high expectations and it should. If
Kolb comes out and struggles, then feel free to express
your frustration. But to lob jeers at a guy in his first
true offseason when he’s coming off a head injury is a bit

Don’t be lame, Cards fan.