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2-minute report: Hornets fouled Devin Booker on Suns’ game-tying attempt


It won’t change the outcome of the game, but it will at least have Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul feeling validated after criticizing referees for a non-call on a game-tying buzzer attempt by teammate Devin Booker.

Not that Paul needed validation.

After Booker’s shot fell short in a three-point loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, replays appeared clear that Hornets forward Gordon Hayward tapped Booker on the wrist during the latter’s follow-through.

The NBA’s two-minute report released Thursday confirmed that officials missed the foul on a three-point attempt that would have sent Booker to the foul line with the chance to hit three free throws, forcing overtime.

Instead, officials did not call anything, and time expired for Charlotte to leave Phoenix Suns Arena with a 124-121 win.

Paul did not hold his tongue about the non-call in his post-game meeting with reporters.

“We looked at it right there at the end: Book got fouled on that three,” Paul said after the game. “Obviously there are a lot of plays that happen in the course of a game, but what is it called, the two-minute report? It’ll come out tomorrow, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, we missed it.’

“A lot of plays happened for us to get there but that was damn sure a foul. Should have been shooting three free throws, try to send it to overtime.”

Here’s the official readout from the two-minute report:

Hayward (CHA) makes contact to Booker’s (PHX) wrist and affects his jump shot attempt.

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