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Cardinals LB Haggans in PA jail

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Clark Haggans reported to
Westmoreland County Prison Wednesday morning to serve a
nine-day sentence for a 2011 DUI arrest.

According to the Pittsburgh
, Haggans will serve a mandatory 48
then will get work release for seven days.

Haggans was arrested in April of 2011 in Maricopa County
speeding and running a red light. The linebacker’s blood
alcohol level was reportedly more than .20 percent — or
more than twice the legal limit in the state of Arizona.

Haggans issued a written statement on his arrest and
incarceration Wednesday.

I would like to set the record straight as to
the reason for me spending time in Westmorland County
jail. On April 21st of 2011, I was at a concert with my
wife when I got a call from our babysitter that our 5 year
old daughter was having trouble breathing. She has been
on medicine and inhalers since she was born because of her
under developed lungs. The sitter was panicked. I had
been drinking and my wife was planning on driving home
from the concert. But my wife was wandering around when I
got the call, and I couldn’t find her. I tried calling
her within the concert, but had no luck getting a hold of
her. I needed to get home to my daughter immediately. I
felt that my only choice was to drive home. While driving
home, I sped and ran a red light, so I was pulled over.
I, along with the officers, proceeded to my house and
administered the treatment and my daughter responded.

In spite of the circumstances, I was issued a citation for
two moving violations and suspicion of driving under the
influence. As part of my agreement with the District
Attorney’s office, I have to spend 48 hours, plus seven
additional nights in jail, to make restitution for my
choices. In hindsight, I should have found another way
home, and I take full responsibility for my actions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact my
agent, Jeff Sperbeck at


Clark Haggans

The 12-year veteran re-signed with the Cardinals earlier
this month. Haggans registered 46 total tackles and three
sacks in 2011, which was his fourth year with Arizona.