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Justin Upton sits out big win, vents frustration afterwards

The Arizona Diamondbacks may have beaten the Colorado
Rockies 10-0 Tuesday night, but not all was well in the
locker room following the game.

Sure, they pounded out a season-best 17 hits, and yes, the
victory was the team’s third win in its last four games.
But Justin Upton, the team’s star outfielder who has
struggled mightily this season, did not play a role in the

Unless, of course, you think his cheering from the dugout
proved to be just the motivation the team needed. That’s
all Upton could do, as manager Kirk Gibson decided to sit
him for the game – and maybe longer.

“I thought today was pretty unproductive,” he said. “I sat
around, really didn’t do much, and I’m still pissed off
about the way I’m playing and not playing.”

If Upton classifies Tuesday night’s game as unproductive,
what would he call the last five he’s played in, where
he’s gone just 2-for-15?

But that’s not the point, really. Upton may not be happy
with sitting out, but is understanding of why. He knows
he’s not pulling his weight, so manager Kirk Gibson had to
do something.

“I’m not playing well, [Gerardo Parra’s] playing well, he
deserves to play,” Upton said.

However, while Upton sat Tuesday night and may do so again
Wednesday, Gibson knows he needs to get his slugger right
at some point if the team is to make any kind of noise in
the NL West. And, since the 24-year-old obviously can’t do
that from the bench, sooner or later he’ll find his way
back onto the field.

Upton, though, just doesn’t have any idea of when that
will be.

“It’s hard to expect anything around here,” he said when
asked if he thinks he’ll be in the lineup when the team
takes the field Wednesday night. “I really don’t know.

“I’m going to come in tomorrow and wait until the lineup
pops up on the screen, just like everybody else.”

Arizona Sports’ Kyndra de St. Aubin contributed to this