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No respect for the Miami Heat

Will the Miami Heat win the NBA Championship? Probably. But they’re definitely not going to win the respect of Paulie Roundball.

Does that mean I’m a Heat Hater. Nope. And it certainly doesn’t mean that I trade emails with Mark Cuban.

Hopefully, it simply means this: I’m a fan of building instead of buying. Construct it, don’t concoct it. Put another way, organic always beats orchestrated.

It’s sort of like when you attend a car show. See, Paulie Pet Peeve always has a problem with the guy who buys an exotic sports car (ie, expensive), and then immediately drives it from the showroom to the show itself for all to see. Big deal.

Where’s the achievement? Where’s the angst? Where’s the expertise and effort? Seriously. Why don’t you just park one of those over-sized checks they give out at golf tourneys, right?

Here’s my problem: what does it take to write that check? No restoration equals no sweat equity, which equals no respect.

Paulie Low Tops has low regard for a Miami Heat team that has conspired to collude to collaborate on winning the title. Just add water and hit the quick key on the NBA microwave. No thanks.

Hence, Paulie Props only has eyes for Big D. Short cuts should be reserved for your ride home, not the path to an NBA championship.