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Could D-backs call up Trevor Bauer and keep Joe Saunders?

The prevailing thought has been the Diamondbacks will not
call up top
prospect Trevor Bauer until a spot opens in the team’s
starting rotation.

Because, while the right-hander is tearing up Triple-A to
the tune of a 3-0
record with a 1.97 ERA and 42 K’s in 32 innings, there
simply is no reason
to replace Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Trevor Cahill, Wade
Miley or Joe

But what if the D-backs don’t have to replace anyone? What
if, perhaps,
they just added Bauer? That’s what Arizona Sports 620’s
John Gambadoro
alluded to in a tweet Tuesday.

The upside to the idea is that if Bauer gets the call and
is not ready, at
least the team would not have traded away one of its five
best pitchers.
However, do the D-backs really want to take a route that
would mean fewer
starts for someone like Kennedy?

At any rate, it appears the allure of bringing Bauer to
the show is getting
to be quite strong, because the D-backs considering a six-
man rotation
would signify they’re willing to do just about anything to
get their top
prospect to Chase Field.