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The Manti Questions

Why…am I much more apt to believe an investigation firm NOT hired by Notre Dame. #FiestaBowl

Why…do I think that if we’re still looking for an objective, that this is indeed about financial gain. Not the perpetrators. But Team Te’o. Why do I think that the game plan went something like this: maximize the value of your senior season by any means necessary. Then, monetize your status as an Irish living legend. #StraightCashHomie

Why…do I think that this personal game plan also included an objective of winning the Heisman. Let’s face it, winning the Heisman makes you a “made man” in college football. And that makes you a lot of money the rest of your life. #FriendOfOurs

Why…speaking of trying to win the Heisman, do I figure that Te’o knew that being a very good defensive player would never be good enough. If you’re not a skill player (read: QB, RB, WR), then you need a good story. A really good story. A tale that touches everyone nationwide, not just football fans. You need a story worthy of a Sports Illustrated cover (October 1st issue – “The Full Manti”).

Why…do I want to cease with the investigating and interviewing and go straight to the lie detecting? Paulie Polygraph says the next interview shouldn’t be conducted by Oprah or Jeremy Schaap. Nah. Instead, let’s allow the South Bend PD to wire up the NDU linebacker. #Ding. #Buzzer

Why…does the silence from Manti speak so loudly? The longer it goes, the louder it gets.

Why…have the most flagrant/heinous/stupefying scandals hit those sports heroes who are seemingly the most respected/revered/unimpeachable? Tiger Woods, Joe Paterno, Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o.

And why…am I waiting for this story to get worse? Much worse.