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Watch emotional Zaven Collins as NFL Draft party celebrates Cardinals’ pick

Tulsa linebacker Zaven Collins had a good amount of friends and family in the house as he waited to hear his name called in the 2021 NFL Draft.

With Collins getting notified before the Arizona Cardinals were up at No. 16 that he was the guy, and was in tears as the announcement was about to become official.

The assorted group of people at Collins’ draft party roared as the pick came in.

With the draft hat already in his hands, Collins dropped to his knees and stayed down for a while as the celebration got underway.

Once he gathered himself, we got to hear what Collins had to say to the Cardinals thanks to a recording on the other end of the phone line.

Collins went from tears and hugging his mother to excitement, exclaiming, “We worked so hard!” as he watched the television.

The linebacker told the media afterward that he apologized to the group around him for getting that emotional.

“That is a very rare deal,” he said. “I never get that emotional. That’s something that I rarely do, but since this was something that I’ve strived for since I was very young for my family, for my team, for the town of Hominy, for Tulsa, for all my coaches — it was something that was so emotional to me that I couldn’t help it.”

I think they forgive him.

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