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Diamondbacks looking for one last run

A day past the wreckage of what was the Arizona Diamondbacks homestand, it’s time to look forward and start to dive right in to what could be the team’s last few meaningful series of the season.

While the numbers still give the Diamondbacks playoff hope, the last two weeks have fans skeptical, and who can blame them?

The Diamondbacks lost the final six games of their homestand and eight of their last ten, making them 11-16 in the month of August with two games remaining. They have averaged just 2.7 runs a game in that ten-game stretch, and are struggling to find a consistent source of offense.

The Diamondbacks are in Los Angeles starting tonight for a four-game series against the Dodgers. Then, they head to San Francisco for three games against the Giants.

While currently trailing the Giants by 9.5 games and the Dodgers by six, an 8-2 or 7-3 run over their next ten games could very easily put the Diamondbacks within four games of first place.

However, another week like the Diamondbacks just had, and they could be 15 games out.

Talking about reeling off a seven-game win-streak or sweeping through the division in the next two weeks sounds like a stretch, and it is, but that’s the harsh reality of the situation the Diamondbacks have placed themselves in.

With 31 games left on the schedule, a 16-15 run would make a nice finish to the Diamondbacks season and might keep them from making drastic moves in the offseason. As far as making a playoff push goes, they may need 20 wins to put themselves in to contention, and even that would require a few cards falling in the right place as far as the Dodgers’ and Giants’ schedules.