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That 1 couple from the D-backs game is now on a date at a Coyotes game

If you were not “online” Saturday night, you missed one of the more delightful Twitter exchanges of the year.

A Twitch streamer tweeted the Arizona Diamondbacks to find his roommate on a date, and after a few replies, the couple was tracked down.

Some cute banter went back and forth about how the date was going before the duo was put on the big screen and was also shared out by the D-backs.

That second date was not the last for the couple, as they went out on Wednesday to an Arizona Coyotes game.

Naturally, they were invited to the game and tracked down, as this life in the public eye is now the life they have chosen and there is no turning back.

Something I’d like to point out here is that they both got their own Kachina jerseys from the team, on top of the tickets. It’s incredible work by the two of them to capitalize on this.

Something tells me we will see them at the Phoenix Suns game on Friday. Good on them.

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