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J.J. Watt the 131-pound snapping turtle tagged, released in Houston area

J.J. Watt is thriving in Houston.

That’d be J.J. Watt the 131-pound alligator snapping turtle, who was named by researchers after J.J. Watt the current Arizona Cardinal and former Houston Texan defensive end.

Watt, the turtle, was the 99th of his species who was tagged and released as part of the Turtle Survival Alliance’s research project documenting the animals’ presence in Buffalo Bayou, which is in the Houston metropolitan area.

“Bayous and creeks play a major role in the incredible diversity of wildlife we have here in the Bayou City,” Texas Parks and Wildlife Department urban biologist Kelly Norrid said in the Turtle Survival Alliance press release.

“The discovery of this robust population of alligator snapping turtles will go a long way with helping us bring awareness to the public on just how special the bayous are and how much they need to be protected.”

The Cardinals’ J.J. Watt on Wednesday expressed his support for the likewise impressive specimen named after him.

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