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Arizona Coyotes’ Shane Doan: Glendale’s decision makes it harder for team to win

LISTEN: Shane Doan, Coyotes captain

When it comes to trying to land premier talent, the Arizona Coyotes don’t have the most money to spend on their roster nor a strong track record of success to point to.

What they do have is a promising young roster, a nice arena and a location whose is virtually unmatched in the National Hockey League.

About that location, though…

The city of Glendale’s decision to cancel its lease agreement with the Coyotes has put the team’s future in doubt.

Will the team be forced to leave the home it moved into in 2003? If so, will the Coyotes be able to find a venue in the Valley, or will they be forced (or choose) to relocate to a new state altogether?

The answers to those questions are not known, and the matter may need a while to be sorted out.

But while this is going on, the Coyotes are taking more than their fair share of hits.

“I guess for me, what really bothers me the most is I want to win, and doing this makes it that much harder,” Coyotes captain Shane Doan told Burns and Gambo on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Thursday. “You talk to a free agent — you talk to guys, I get texts from five or six guys already that aren’t on my team, but are playing in the league. They’re like, ‘Oh, that sucks. What’s going on again?’

“It’s hard enough to convince people to play for your team when you’re a team that had the year that we had last year, but now you do this and obviously those damages are done self-inflicted by supposedly a partner of yours? That’s when you’re like, ‘Wow, that doesn’t really make sense.'”

Can anyone really argue Doan’s premise?