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$10K donation nets avid Coyotes fan chance to use Taser on Glendale mayor

GLENDALE, Ariz. — An Arizona Coyotes fan got to take out her frustration on the mayor behind the decision to send the hockey team packing.

KPNX-TV reports that disgruntled fan Ronda Pearson used a stun gun on Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers on Saturday as part of a charity pledge.

Weiers volunteered to be stunned with a Taser at the mall event if a $10,000 donation was made to an Arizona charity that supports first responders.

Firefighters determined Weiers was not injured.

Organizers said Pearson and another Coyotes fan showed up with a $10,000 money order.

Weiers and the Glendale City Council voted Wednesday to end an arena lease agreement with the Coyotes. A judge on Friday temporarily halted its termination.

Pearson gained social media attention for a public rant directed at Weiers.

Not everyone’s behind fans like Pearson, though. Keith Olbermann of ESPN 2 spent more than 6 minutes on his program Friday critiquing the North Phoenix resident’s comments at the city council session.

The Arizona Sports staff contributed to this report.