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Must-see pair of fails from Filipino diving partners

We’ve seen tanking in professional sports, but has the method spread all the way to the world of diving?

You have to wonder after seeing this pair of Filipino divers earlier in the month in the ongoing Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.

John David “JD” Pahoyo, 17, took part in the 3-meter individual springboard competition, Business Insider reported, and he earned zeros across the board for landing feet first.

Pahoyo’s diving partner, John Elmerson Fabriga, also earned a 0.0 for comically landing flat on his back in the competition.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson they are not, but some news outlets are referring to the Filipino duo as the “Splash Brothers.”

The two finished last and second-to-last in the springboard challenge. You can see their failed dives, Fabriga’s shown first, in the viral video above.

Pahoyo realized Wednesday that he and Fabriga had caught the Internet’s attention worldwide.

and now… we are viral..

Posted by JD Pahoyo on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So later that day, he directed all his of critics to some of his and Fabriga’s better material:

why share our failed dives, when you can share the dives that we did well? just asking hehehe. salamat sa mga supporters ko <3

Posted by JD Pahoyo on Wednesday, June 10, 2015