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Kid teaches us all the importance of having a backup

A video surfaced on Twitter late Tuesday that we could all learn a lot from. Get out your notebooks, Jersey Kid has something to say.

During Tuesday’s NBA Finals game six, it appeared our hero was rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers, adorned in navy, wine and gold.

“Come on Delly!” He said nervously to the screen. At this point it appears to the viewer he’s a loyal follower of Lebron and company. He’s with them all the way.

It’s when things start to go south for the Cavs that we find out where his real allegiances are: with no one. It’s not about being loyal, it’s about being right.

Enter, the backup jersey. He realizes this is the Warriors’ game, and he can’t be seen in the losing team’s jersey. He thought about this ahead of time, though and prepared with a Warriors jersey underneath and tucked in, ready to go when Andre and Steph took over.

What this young fan still has yet to master is matching shorts for his two-jersey combo. Neutral colors, young padawan.