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ESPN’s Ford: ‘Patience might be in order’ for the Suns

LISTEN: Chad Ford, ESPN NBA Draft Insider’s Chad Ford is one of the most respected names among NBA Draft insiders, so it would make sense to infer he would have a pulse on which way most teams are headed in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

So where do the Phoenix Suns land?

Reports surfaced earlier this week that the Suns were “dangling” guard Eric Bledsoe, with a rumored deal that would see Phoenix send Bledsoe and their No. 13 overall pick to the New York Knicks for the No. 4 pick in the draft.

Ford told Bickley & Marotta of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM that the rumored deal would benefit the Knicks, but not Phoenix.

“I think that they have an interested partner, if they’re willing in the New York Knicks,” Ford said. “Bledsoe is the sort of guy, if the Knicks would be willing to give up the fourth pick for something like Bledsoe and (No. 13). I think that’s something New York would do. I don’t think that’s something Phoenix would do.”

There is a potential scenario that could play out that would lead the Knicks to try and move the No. 4 pick, Ford said.

The Knicks are targeting former Ohio State guard De’Angelo Russell with the No. 4 pick, Ford said.

However, if Russell is off the board by the time it’s New York’s turn, Ford says they may look to move the pick.

One potential target for Phoenix if they trade for the No. 4 pick would be the 7-foot-2 Porzingis, who Ford calls “the real deal.”

“I can’t find people who know basketball, scouts or whatever, who don’t watch the game film and walk away and say this kid could be really, really good,” Ford said.

A deal between New York and the Suns may not be imminent, however, as Ford said, “Patience might be in order for Phoenix.”

If Phoenix holds tight, as Ford suggested, they would make their selection with the No. 13 overall pick, where he thinks Wisconsin forward Frank Kaminsky would be a fit.

“He does shoot the ball well, very, very well for a guy his size,” Ford said. “What else is he going to contribute to the NBA is a question mark. I think Miami probably takes him at (No. 10), I think Phoenix is heavily in the mix for him at (No. 13). I think people have to temper their expectations for him.”