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Devin Booker was a great pick by the Phoenix Suns, but …

Devin Booker was the most talented player on the board when the Phoenix Suns drafted at No. 13 Thursday night. It is never a mistake to take the best player available.

The Suns desperately needed shooting. The Suns drafted a player who could be the best shooter in the draft.

The Suns need a more professional locker room that embraces competition. The Suns drafted a player who’s father played professional basketball, but never had it easy playing in the CBA and overseas.

It appears the Suns nailed this draft pick.

However, there are two enormous negatives associated with it: age and inexperience.

Obviously, it doesn’t take a genius to point out draft picks are young and haven’t played professionally, yet. Booker will turn 19 at the beginning of the Suns’ season. Nineteen normally means D-League. If Booker stays the whole season in Phoenix, 19 means turnovers on a team that has massive turnover problems.

A 19-year-old kid in an unprofessional locker room that lacks leadership and competitive fight is a terrible combination. It takes incredible mental toughness to stay focused on ignoring the noise and distractions caused by those that think the game is about them.

Most 19-year-olds can’t handle entering an immature, somewhat toxic, situation and come out as the elixir. If Devin Booker can, this pick is a home run. If Ryan McDonough can not make dramatic changes in the culture of the current Suns, or Booker falls into the trap set by the me-first guys in the group, Booker will shock Suns’ fans with the success he has with his next organization.