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Arizona Cardinals coach Whisenhunt prepared for matchup with Saints

The Arizona Cardinals won’t take the field again before
facing the New Orleans Saints Sunday in the Hall of Fame
game in Canton, Ohio.

After ten days of training camp the Cardinals have made
strides on both sides of the ball, although coach Ken
Whisenhunt knows the true test for the team will come on
the playing field.

“Am I satisfied? No. Am I happy? I’m happy with the way
they worked,” Whisenhunt said. “Ask me after the game. If
we play well, then yes. If we don’t, then no.”

Whisenhunt plans to keep the gameplan simple against a
Saints team that will most likely do the same. New Orleans
will be playing in their first football game since the
bounty scandal left them without head coach Sean Payton
for the entire season.

“I just hope we play a good physical game and we don’t
make a lot of mistakes. That we come out of it injury
free, that’s what you really want,” Whisenhunt said. “I
know we’ll play hard and hope we’ll make some plays early
in the game and we can continue to build off of that.”

Whisenhunt did say that running back Ryan Williams will sit on Sunday and
likewise the team will air on the side of caution when
deciding whether or not to let Adrian Wilson suit up due
to a lingering sore calf.

“His calf is doing well, but I don’t think it’s really the
utmost importance that he plays in this game. I think
we’ll be okay if he misses this one so we’re not going to
push that either.”

Whisenhunt doesn’t expect the game to get any more intense
than the goal line session they ran at camp on Wednesday
night, but did acknowledge that just getting back onto the
playing field will be exciting for everyone involved.

“You get out of the routine, you’re going against a
different opponent, and you’re going to play a game. There
will be a lot of energy with this game because it is the
Hall of Fame game. To see our guys get excited and fired
up about that, look it’s not going to practice it’s
playing a game. There are a lot of guys that are trying to
get a job.”

Moving forward Whisenhunt knows there’s still plenty of
work to do, but seems excited about the momentum the team
has going into Sunday.

“I’m not under any illusion that we’re a polished or
finished product yet. You don’t just do that in ten days.
But if we continue to work the way we worked in camp then
we have a chance to be a pretty good football team.
Hopefully that’ll be reflected in some fashion on Sunday.”