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Time for Arizona Cardinals to cut ties with Kevin Kolb

It’s time for the Cardinals to cut their losses.

I’m sorry they wasted over $20 million dollars on Kevin Kolb and I certainly don’t blame them for trying to get a franchise signal caller after the Derek Anderson disaster, but it’s time for Kolb to go and I’m not talking about to the bench; I’m talking about the curb.

It’s going to be a tough pill to swallow, especially when you consider the Cardinals not only gave up all that cash, but also also surrendered a second-round pick and a player in Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, who was a first-round pick.

But really what option do they have, keep a punch-drunk QB who is playing with no confidence, can’t pull the trigger and doesn’t seem to have any understanding of the offense?

No, it’s time to admit your mistake now and move on. No good can come out of keeping him around when clearly Rich Bartel is better suited to be the backup quarterback.

Bartel is nothing special, but he can make the throws that are there and he does play with confidence. And unlike Kolb, he doesn’t bolt the pocket at the first sign of trouble.

Maybe Kolb is better suited for an offense like Philadelphia, which behind scramblers Donovan McNabb and now Michael Vick had success in creating outside the pocket. But that backyard football doesn’t work here where you need to read the defenses and make the play.

The Cardinals gave Kolb every opportunity to win this job for two years and he has failed to take advantage of it. I can’t imagine there is any confidence in him inside the lockeroom or inside the organization, so why postpone the inevitable?

Kolb is not going to be on this team next year, so why should he be on it now? And if we’re true to ourselves and asked which quarterback do you have more confidence in coming off the bench, Kolb or Bartel, I’m not sure Kolb wins that battle.

It’s time for that pink slip.