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Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald is no diva

There are many adjectives one could use to describe Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Great, outstanding, clutch, amazing and ridiculous come to mind.

One word that will not be used, though, is “diva”. And, in a time when some of the game’s best past catchers have had a “me-first” attitude, it’s refreshing to have a star who is about the team.

“I think there’s truly been a changing of the guard,” Fitzgerald told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Monday of that type of wideout.

Fitz noted stars like Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Greg Jennings and Roddy White, all of whom “quietly go about their business” and don’t make waves off the field.

But why be that way?

“It’s bigger than us,” Fitzgerald said. “There’s 53 men on this roster. For me to score a touchdown I need my right tackle to block, I need my back to pick up the protection, I need the quarterback to throw me a nice pass. Then I have to do my job at the end, but it’s a ripple effect.

“Everybody has to do their job for me to be successful so I don’t like to beat my chest.”