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One team is skeptical about Kevin Kolb

How much would you pay for a young NFL quarterback who’s been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week multiple times? If you’re the Miami Dolphins, apparently nothing.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins aren’t interested in the Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. Especially not at the reported asking price.

Besides the fact Miami doesn’t want to trade a future No. 1 pick when the lockout ends, one Dolphins official expressed skepticism about whether Kevin Kolb’s body of work is enough to justify such compensation (seven career starts; 11 touchdowns; 14 interceptions).

After what seems like a three month long love-fest around the NFL over Kolb, it’s interesting to read a descending opinion from someone in the league.

While the Dolphins are in the market for a quarterback, it doesn’t sound like they’ll be pursuing Kolb. (Unless the statement is some kind of ploy to try lower the price. Then, well played Miami.) That means one less team competing for his services if you’re the Arizona Cardinals, and that can only help to lower the asking price.

No indication has been given that anyone within the Cardinals organization shares similar trepidations about Kolb as the unnamed Dolphins official but the opinion brings up an interesting question. How do you put a value on potential?

If you’re the Cardinals the answer to that question should to start with another question, ‘would that potential put them in a better situation than last year?’. The fact that Kolb isn’t named Derek Anderson or Max Hall is proof positive that the quarterback position would improve in 2011.

It doesn’t matter where in the draft that future first round pick the Cardinals would give up to acquire Kolb would wind up. That player wouldn’t help them in 2011.

Kevin Kolb and his potential could.

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