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‘Kevin Kolb, starting quarterback Arizona Cardinals’

Most people will admit they aren’t sure exactly what the Arizona Cardinals will do when it comes to the quarterback position. Don’t count’s Adam Schein as one of them.

In a video that more resembled a Lewis Black comedy routine than a sports report, Schein emphatically expressed that the Cardinals will land the Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Kolb once the lockout ends.

“Repeat after me. Kevin Kolb, starting quarterback Arizona Cardinals,” Schein loudly expressed into the camera. “It’s going to happen. Book it. It makes too much sense. Arizona wasn’t going to draft Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker or anybody else. This is, as they see it in the desert, a win now team. And why not when you employ Larry Fitzgerald. When you have a ton of offensive weapons. When you dominate the NFL draft like you did this past year with Patrick Peterson and company and you play in historically the weakest division in NFL history.”

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