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Is the price for Kevin Kolb starting to take shape?

The Cardinals are interested in Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, that much is clear.

What is a bit hazy, though, is what it would take to get him.

Speculation has had the Cardinals giving up a first round pick, a player or a pick and a player to acquire the 26-year-old, but if one really wants to get an idea of what the Cardinals would have to trade they need look no further than one of the last times a similar scenario played out. That trade sent Matt Schaub from Atlanta to Houston.

The Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers spells it out:

So the Falcons sent Matt Schaub to Houston. The teams swapped first-round picks, with Atlanta going from 10th to eighth, and the Falcons received a second round selection that year (2007) and another in 2008.

Before the deal was finalized, the Texans agreed to an 8-year, $48 million deal with Schaub.

The situations are, in fact, similar. Schaub then and Kolb now were both fairly unproven, with a minimum amount of starts under their belt. They had each shown flashes, but were unable to beat out the incumbent starter: Michael Vick (how’s that for irony?).

Odds are Kevin Kolb will be traded once a move can actually be made. The Cardinals are the perceived favorite, though nobody knows what they are willing to part with in order to land a guy who has thrown 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in his carer. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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