Notes from the Nest: Cardinals vs. Broncos

Aug 31, 2012, 1:54 AM | Updated: 6:04 am

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Game Over

Prater boots it through and this one is over. The Cardinals lose the game 16-13 and finish the preseason with a 1-4 record.

Time to head downstairs to hear from Coach Whiz and the players.

:02 left in fourth quarter

Weber kneels in the middle of the field for a loss of three yards. It was done to try to make this kick a little easier.

Prater on to attempt the 44-yard field goal. He makes it, Broncos win. He misses it, we all lose.

:07 left in fourth quarter

Some QB named Weber just completed a long pass to some receiver named Orton. It’s good for 45 yards and now the Broncos are at the Arizona 23. Broncos look like they want to run one more play before kicking what promises to be a glorious field goal.

:52 left in fourth quarter

A trio of incomplete passes lead to the Cardinals settling for a 35-yard field goal and the tie. Given where the series began, that result would be upsetting enough. Given that it leaves this overtime game tied at 13 with just under one minute to go and, well, upsetting doesn’t quite sum it up.

Really Whiz?

1:50 left in fourth quarter

First play is a 56-yard bomb from Lindley to Isaiah Williams. Ball was a little underthrown but still a very nice play. Cardinals have the ball at the Denver 13.

2:01 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals force a punt, and a fair catch interference penalty gives the Cards an extra 15 yards on the play. They’ll start their drive at the 31, needing a field goal to tie and a touchdown to win. Guess what we’re all rooting for.

3:48 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals get a good kick return from Powell but drive stalls. Lindley throws incomplete on three straight passes, nearly picked on a couple of them. Looks like he doesn’t want OT, either. That Lindley, what a guy!

4:25 left in fourth quarter

Defense does a good job and forces the Broncos into kicking a 43-yard field goal. Matt Prater (who this guy has on one of his fantasy teams) boots it through to give the Broncos a 13-10 lead.

6:08 l eft in fourth quarter

A little miscommunication between Lindley and Isaiah Williams leads to an interception, and the Broncos have the ball at the Arizona 29. While no one here wants the Cardinals to lose, I’m betting there is very little desire for this game to go into O.T.

Take that how you wish.

8:14 left in fourth quarter

Osweiler drives the Broncos down deep into Cardinals territory bur is stopped just short of the goal line on a third-down run. If only he was 6-foot-8 and not a shrimpy 6-foot-7. Pity.

Broncos kick the field goal to tie things up here in Glendale. Why, John Fox, why?

End of the third quarter

The Broncos have the ball as we end the third quarter. Over the last 15 minutes we saw a field goal for the Cardinals, a touchdown for the Broncos, and a couple of Cardinals injuries.

Richard Bartel, who left with a shoulder injury, is questionable to return. Javarris James, who sprained his left knee, will not return.

Both reports would be more accurate if they ended with “to the team.”

3:02 left in third quarter

William Powell returns the kickoff to the 20, add 15 yards for a facemask and the Cards begin at their own 35.

Looks like the coaching staff wants to see what else Powell can do, and given that he’s on the roster bubble the more he can the better his chance of making the team.

Still 3:13 left in third quarter

Refs say the play stands as called, which means there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn it. They probably got this wrong but whatever, it’s preseason. Good for the ASU kid.

PAT makes the score 10-7 Cards.

3:13 left in third quarter

Former ASU star Omar Bolden returns the ensuing kickoff 102-yards for the score, but appears to have stepped out of bounds along the way. All scoring plays are reviewed so there is a good chance this one will come back.

3:28 left in third quarter

Drive ends with a 42-yard Jay Feely field goal, making him 1-for-3 on the night and giving the Cardinals a 10-0 lead. Nine more quarters like this and the Cards may match ASU’s first-half total from over in Tempe.

4:01 left in third quarter

Bartel makes a great throw to Isaiah Williams for 50 yards, but is injured a few plays later. Lindley is back in at quarterback so yeah, that’s that.

It’s 3rd and 15 from the Denver 18.

5:40 left in third quarter

Osweiler’s pass is picked off by Crezdon Butler, who made a nice break on the ball to step in front of the receiver. The corner-on-the-bubble picks up 13 yards on the return and the Cardinals take over on their own 35.

6:47 left in third quarter

Osweiler picks up some yards with his legs, giving this Wildcats fan flashbacks of that awful territorial cup game in 2010. He then hits Gerrell Robinson with a pass, giving Sun Devil fans flashbacks of that awful finish in 2011.

Sunrise, sunset.

10:04 left in third quarter

Richard Bartel puts a drive together but Jay Feely misses another field goal and the Broncos will take over on their own 40.

Brock Osweiler is in the game at QB. He is very tall. Like, umm, 6-foot-7 or something like that.

Beginning of second half

Alright, Cards will get the ball and Bartel is in at QB. Some first half stats for your reading pleasure:

Beanie Wells: 5 carries for 35 yards
Ryan Lindley: 9/13 for 101 yards and 1 TD

That’s it. Pretty uneventful half.

End of first half

Defense comes up big again, sacking not-Manning/Osweiler to end the half. Cardinals lead 7-0 and yes, this game is as exciting as the score would indicate.

:53 left in second quarter

Cardinals D holds and forces Broncos to punt. Ball spotted at the Arizona 18, but with two timeouts the Cards may try to do something.

Wait, check that. Lindley completes a pass to Demarco Sampson (former San Diego State teammate), who fumbles the ball. Broncos recover at the Arizona 21. Oops.

3:35 left in second quarter

That great pass was about the last good thing to happen on that drive. Lindley throws incomplete on third down (probably a good thing, would have gotten his receiver killed), and the Cards punt. Broncos take over deep in their own territory.

4:55 left in second quarter

Lindley hits LaRon Byrd on a beautiful pass down the seam. The QB let the ball fly before the WR was even looking, trusting his guy to make the play. He did. Very nice.

6:19 left in second quarter

Cardinals back at it on offense after forcing another punt. Lindley still under center, Powell still behind him.

10:04 left in second quarter

Lindley couldn’t build off the drive.

William Powell, trying to make his case for a spot on the roster, has had trouble finding room to run. Couple that with some shaky pass protection (Lindley got absolutely crushed on one play) and you have a recipe for a stalled drive. Cards punt, Broncos take over

12:01 left in second quarter

Defense looks good again, sacking non-Manning/Osweiler on third down. Cardinals take over on their own 35 after the punt, let’s see if Lindley can build off of that last drive.

14:14 left in second quarter

We have a touchdown!

Lindley avoids the rush, moves in the pocket and delivers a…ummm…good enough pass to Michael Floyd for the 22-yard TD. Rookie-to-rookie connection, Floyd makes the jugging catch between defenders. Nice.

End of first quarter

Lindley completing passes, Wells running strong…Arizona Cardinals, this is your offense!

OK, maybe not (yet), but it is nice to see a Cards QB get enough protection to be able to stand in the pocket and deliver the football. You think Seattle will leave its first stringers on the bench in Week 1?

1:57 left in first quarter

Cardinals pick up a first down but then Lindley is picked off going deep to Michael Floyd. Pass wasn’t deep enough, so…

Good news! Lindley was roughed up on the play, meaning the Cards keep the ball and pick up 15 yards. Who knew having your QB get hit late could be a good thing?

4:11 left in first quarter

Cards defense comes up strong and forces the punt. Lindley and co. out for round two.

5:49 left in first quarter

Lindley completes pass to Jeff King, who is stopped short of the first down. Jay Feely can’t connect from 40 yards out, and the Broncos get the ball back.

I feel like people would be more upset with that missed FG if the game actually meant something. Moving on…

6:34 left in first quarter

Ryan Lindley has the Cards driving, but they face a 3rd and 12 from the Denver 32. The rookie has been accurate throwing mostly short passes but hey, yards are yards.

Beanie Wells is also running strong so far, a good sign given that he’s still working his way back from offseason knee surgery.

12:15 left in first quarter

Cardinals give up some yards but end up forcing the punt. Cardinals at their own 20, let the Ryan Lindley era begin!

14:47 left in first quarter

Not-Peyton Manning and not-Brock Osweiler gets the start for Denver. That’s thrilling.

15:00 left in first quarter

The Broncos won the coin toss and will receive. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re inching closer to real football.

9:00 to kickoff

Alright folks, it’s time for another season out of me. Here at University of Phoenix Stadium for the first time since last season (unless you count Fan Fest), and excited for some football.

OK, maybe not. Being that this is the fifth preseason game and neither Kevin Kolb nor John Skelton are expected to play tonight, tonight may have little intrigue.

That said, there are still guys fighting for roster spots and it will be interesting to see how they fare.

Very light crowd so far, I figure everyone else is in Tempe to watch the Sun Devils take on the Lumberjacks.

Anyway the Cards are set up to run out of the tunnel and through the inflatable Cardinal thingy, so it’s about time to get this thing started.

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