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Sporting News says Bulger an intriguing option for Cards

PHOENIX – The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback and during the lockout the speculation has run rampant who would be the right fit for the team.

The Sporting News in a recent evaluation of potential quarterbacks on the move rated Marc Bulger as a great fit for the Cardinals.

“For teams like Arizona, Tennessee, Minnesota and San Francisco, Bulger would be an excellent QB to take a gamble on. He could be the veteran who handles the starting job for one to three seasons while a younger QB is developed.”

The report highlighted Bulger’s ability to make accurate throws, something the Cardinals were missing last season with Derek Anderson.

“Bulger is an extremely accurate passer who does a very good job of leading receivers. He is able to put the ball where only the receiver can catch it. Effective going through progressions, and once he identifies a receiver, the ball comes out of his hand to the target very fast.”

However, the evaluation pointed out some weaknesses of Bulger’s as well.

“Bulger did not look like the accurate and efficient quarterback of past seasons during his final few years in St. Louis. He is going to have to prove he can return to his prior level of play. After taking so much punishment, Bulger became less poised and patient in the pocket. He often made bad decisions in terms of where to throw the ball, or just went down for a sack.”

Coming to an Arizona team where the Cardinals only have two starters from last season’s offensive line signed at this point and wasn’t very good to begin with, might generate a repeat performance from Bulger during his bad years with St. Louis.

With the lockout still likely weeks away from being lifted, we can only continue to speculate who would be the right fit for the Cardinals as teams aren’t allowed to sign any players or make trades.