Motivation Monday: What motivates John Gambadoro

Aug 3, 2015, 9:38 AM | Updated: 9:45 am
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Mondays are not particularly popular among people, and why should they be? Generally at the start of the work week, most find themselves yearning for the weekend that was as well as the one that seems so very far away.

But we press on nonetheless.

Motivation comes in many forms for many people, but everyone of us who gets out of bed and takes on the day does so with some goals in mind.

On social media, those goals are collected in what is known as #MotivationMonday. Here’s what motivates John Gambadoro on this Monday:

So I am getting ready for another Manic Monday. No wait that was a song by the Bangles. And no Karen, rainy Days and Mondays never got me down. I like the rain and I love Mondays, there is always a full weekend’s worth of stuff to talk about. So today is a Motivation Monday and I’ve been asked to tell people what motivates me. Oh where to start. I think there are a lot of things that motivate me and as I always say in show prep when we begin talking about the day’s topics — here is what motivates me in no particular order.

The first thing that comes to mind is actually not my family — damn that sucks. I know it should be my family right? I mean I do love my family with every inch of fiber that I have. But I’ll get to them at some point. Being someone that is driven to be the best at everything I do — just wired that way I think. I am motivated first and foremost by being the best at what I do. That may sound corny but that’s what has kept me around this game and successful for 18 years. I am driven to be the best sports radio talk show host I can be. I am motivated each and every day to entertain people, to inform people, to break stories, to get the inside scoop on the teams that they love and to be opinionated, not telling you what I know, but what I think. Yes that motivates me, drives me, controls so many of my thoughts each day. Someday down the road I will leave this industry –hopefully on my own accord — and when I do, I want to have a lasting legacy. I want to be remembered for the things I just mentioned. I want to be missed. I am hopeful that I will have raised the bar for all those that come after me. So that motivates me as well.

I am motivated by my family — my four amazing daughters, a super-hot fiancee, a soon to be stepson, two great parents and my sister. I have always been motivated by making my father proud. My family came to this country from Messina, Sicily, to live the American Dream. My father wasn’t educated and has had a hard life with many losses along the way. I always felt that if I could be successful in my career and as a man that would mean the most to him. All he ever worked for was to give his children a better life and I respected his work ethic. We were never very close, he hated sports. All he knew how to do was work. He never took me to a baseball game, never played catch with me, couldn’t read or write so never helped me with homework. He never went to any of my games when I played sports. I didn’t understand any of that back then but I do now. He had a hard life. Putting food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs was the only thing my father ever cared about.

I have four daughters that motivate me to work hard every day so I can give them more than I had. I barely got out of high school and never went to college, but I have two daughters Kaylee (Loyola Chicago) and Gabby (University of Arizona) in college right now and that means the world to me. My daughter Ally (15) is a sophomore in high school so she is next, and Brooklyn is only six so I have some time. But my goal would be to see all of them get a great education and I’m motivated to provide that for them. Being a father is a hard job, real hard. But it is so rewarding.

I’m motivated to give back to my community, motivated to workout hard every day, motivated by my faith in God and motivated to call out the bums of pro sports like Cody Ross, Levi Brown, Marcus Morris, Michael Beasley etc….And I am motivated to listen to some Frank Sinatra, Frankie Valli, America as well as the Rocky IV soundtrack, especially “There’s No Easy Way out.” I am motivated to watch the next season of the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, motivated to get a cabin in Flagstaff, motivated to read as many World War II books as possible (I love history), motivated to go whale watching, motivated to learn where that cloud is that everyone keeps telling me is storing my phone’s information and motivated to make you keep it tuned in to Arizona Sports 98.7.

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Motivation Monday: What motivates John Gambadoro