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Kyle Orton may cost more than most think

Just one day after an NFL Network analyst said the Denver Broncos Kyle Orton may lack motivation to be a starter, a different analyst is saying it may cost more than originally thought for a team to land the quarterback.

The NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora said on NFL Total Access that teams hoping to offer a mid to late round pick for Orton won’t get very far with the Broncos.

“If there’s fair value (offered) for a winning quarterback, a guy who is still relatively young on a contract that is team-friendly, then maybe that makes the decision for the Broncos,” La Canfora said on “NFL Total Access.” “But the idea that you can get Orton for a third- or fourth-round pick, I don’t necessarily believe that’s the case. That’s not what I’m hearing. If you start talking about second-round value that moves up, then maybe the Broncos start thinking about it.

If we’re to believe reports, John Elway and the Broncos will seek similar compensation for Orton to what the Eagles will ask for Kevin Kolb.

Orton may have a larger body of work to judge, but Kolb’s potential has to be more intriguing. Not to mention Kolb is two years younger and has far less mileage on him.

If you’re the Arizona Cardinals and you have to give up a first or second round pick to acquire a new starting quarterback, the younger option who is motivated and has a higher upside seems to be the logical choice.

That is if anything we’re hearing during the NFL lockout has any validity to it at all.