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McCain is right, Goldwater Institute should back off

Root for a Maverick this weekend in Arizona.

No, not one from Dallas that will be at the US Airways Center on Sunday, but rather one that is our state senator and do it regardless of politics.

Senator John McCain took a strong stance against the Goldwater Institute Friday morning as a guest with Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf.

“Unless the Goldwater Institute understands how important the Coyotes are, it’s very likely the Coyotes will leave.,” the Senator said.

The best part was when he explained to the hosts that former Arizona politician, and the Goldwater Institute namesake, Barry Goldwater wouldn’t agree with the organizations stance.

“I think Barry’s fundamental philosophy was that he was a very strong conservative obviously, but he also was a great booster of the Valley,” McCain said. “He always worked very hard to help our economy, to make sure that businesses and industries were attracted to our state. He was proud of our growth. Frankly, I don’t believe that he would agree that we should not realize what the real world is. The real world is that people and places compete for professional teams. In a perfect world, we should never pay a dime, we should never give them any incentives and yet that’s what the real world is.”

McCain also went on to state that former Arizona attorney general, Grant Woods, felt that nothing in Matthew Hulsizer’s deal with the City of Glendale violated the state’s constitution.

Sorry, but if a conservative politician in our state thinks that the Goldwater Institute is offbase in meddling with the Coyotes sale, states a former attorney general doesn’t see any legal issues with the deal and feels the man the ‘institute’ — the adult political version of a bully — is named after would disagree with their tactics, it’s time for them to back off and let the deal proceed.

That is of course unless Darcy Olsen and the rest of the Goldwater Institute wants to admit it’s not all ‘in the defense of liberty’ and rather it’s all in the pursuit of publicity.

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