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Who elected the Goldwater Institute?

Which people in Glendale elected the Goldwater Institute to protect them?

It’s a simple question. One that Arizona Senator John McCain is wondering. See McCain has been in elected office for the past 29-years and isn’t quite sure at what point during that time the Goldwater Institute joined him.

“Who elected the Goldwater Institute to have the impact they have on the economy of our Valley, our image, who elected them?” McCain asked.

It’s a question I’m wondering as well. Who exactly gave the Goldwater Institute authority to try and circumvent the actions of officials the citizens of Glendale put in office? Where’s the constitutionality in that?

Based on McCain’s comments I decided to do a little investigating on my own. From my understanding, the vast majority (if not all) of the people at the Goldwater Institute working so hard to “represent” the taxpayers of Glendale don’t even live there.

Should people with no financial stake in the city really be the ones possibly leaving the taxpayers and politicians on the hook for what Mayor Elaine Scruggs said could be upwards of $500 million over the next 30-years? Do they really have the right to chase the Phoenix Coyotes out of the Valley up and to Winnipeg?

If you believe Canadian media the move may be a done deal (I wouldn’t though. The NHL came out and denied the claims). Even if you don’t, McCain believes the time is running out if Goldwater doesn’t backdown.

“Right now, unless something changes, I’m very concerned,” the Republican senator said Wednesday on the Doug & Wolf Show on Sports 620 KTAR.

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