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Glendale considering life without the Phoenix Coyotes

While most people would like the keep the Coyotes in Phoenix, Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs has begun to envision life without the NHL.

“At some point, and I have reached that point, we have to say this is the situation the way it is, we must move on,” Scruggs told Channel 12’s Brahm Resnik. “We must look at options. That’s where I’ve moved to at this point. However now, I believe the only realistic thing to do is to take a look, for all of us as the elected officials to look at, what would life be like with no team in the arena. What would the cost be for the city of Glendale.”

Earlier this summer, it appeared the Coyotes were close to finding a new buyer. Yet the deal, like so many others involving the team, fell through.

“The way this whole situation has progressed from the time the team went into bankruptcy til the NHL bought it, til exciting buyer one after the other went by the wayside. Isn’t it time for us to look at what the alternative looks like,” Scruggs asked.

While exploring other options may be the right thing to do in a business sense, it is certainly discouraging news for fans that would much rather be reading about potential buyers.

It appears that talks may have gone cold — although the team and the league claim they haven’t — and the city of Glendale is on the verge of giving up.

Coyotes fans would like to hear good news soon, but it seems as if the news in the immediate future may not be the kind Valley hockey fans were hoping for.

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