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Fitzgerald asks Warner to come back

It’s starting to sound like Arizona Cardinals fans aren’t the only ones who really missed Kurt Warner this year.

Whether it is nostalgia from being at the Super Bowl or the fact that he caught passes from five different quarterbacks this season, Larry Fitzgerald didn’t bother to hide how much he wished his former signal caller was still with the team.

Fitzgerald, who was making the rounds with the media in Dallas, sat down with the NFL Network and their analyst, Kurt Warner, on Wednesday. During the interview the Pro Bowl receiver expressed his feelings directly to his former quarterback.

“We miss him dearly,” Fitzgerald said. “Kurt I miss you.”

“You live just right down the street, just come see me more often,” Warner responded.

“But I want you to come back to work though,” Fitzgerald quipped.

It was a playful and innocent exchange but as they say, every joke has a bit of truth to it.

That interview wasn’t the only time Fitzgerald would mention his former QB. While talking with ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, he also expressed how difficult life without Warner is.

“It definitely was frustrating not having Kurt there,” Fitzgerald shared. “What I’ve been used to for the last five seasons was difficult but that’s part of the NFL; change always happens. I have to roll with the punches. I have to continue to improve on my craft.”

Although he admitted the 2010 season was a challenging one, he expressed faith in the franchise to turn it around in a timely manner.

“I know Coach Whisenhunt and his staff are going to do everything in [their] power to get a team that is playoff contenders next year.”

Finding a quarterback may be the Cardinals’ biggest question mark this spring but another big decision looms in the near future. Fitzgerald is a free agent following the 2011 season and many are wondering if he will still be wearing a Cardinals uniform in 2012.

While he didn’t directly answer the question, Fitzgerald made it clear that he’s happy in the Valley.

“I would love to end my career with the Arizona Cardinals,” he told Cowherd. “They’ve treated me very well over my seven years. I want to win. I don’t care if I have to go to Alaska do that, it’s all about winning and I think Coach Whisenhunt has the right recipe for doing that.”