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Canadian writer calls Torres ‘hockey’s biggest punk’

Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes had a reputation as a
physical, sometimes dirty player before Game 3 of the
Western Conference Quarterfinals against the Chicago
Blackhawks Tuesday night.

After his hellacious hit on Chicago star Marian Hossa in
the first period Tuesday, that reputation has become more
negative, at least according to Mark Spector of Sportsnet

Spector pulled no punches in his assessment of the play
and Torres’ style.

Today he is the game’s preeminent head hunter.
Today, Raffi Torres is clearly, the biggest punk in the
game of hockey.

On Tuesday night Torres claimed the belt, as well as his
latest victim, with a typically predatory hit on Hossa. It
was like so many others by Torres, who floats from team to
team to team, each one pleased that they’ve picked up “a
game-changer,” then liking themselves even more when they
part ways, deciding that their organization is better than

Torres delivered, as usual, a hit long after the puck was
gone, on a player who was — as always — unsuspecting and
vulnerable. As he usually does, Torres hit Hossa right in
the head, launching himself off the ice as he delivered
the hit.

Word came down Wednesday morning that Torres is suspended
indefinitely pending a visit with league officials Friday
in New York.

Physical/dirty play aside, the suspension, regardless of
how long it turns out to be, is a big blow for the
Coyotes. Torres had been effective in the series as both
an offensive threat and an agitator. Plus, Coyotes head
coach Dave Tippett
has already had to juggle lines in each game of the series
with injuries to Martin Hanzal, Radim Vrbata and Lauri