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Glendale leader says Coyotes deal will break city

PHOENIX — The Glendale City Council is on the verge of
approving a taxpayer-funded plan to keep the NHL Phoenix
Coyotes in the Valley.

And that is going to spell bad news for the West Valley
city, according to Councilman Phillip Lieberman.

The council will vote on the plan Friday morning. It calls
for the city to pay potential new Coyotes owner Greg
Jamison $300 million over the next 20 years to operate Arena.

Lieberman said that money should be going for more police
officers, firefighters and better streets and libraries,
not to subsidize a pro sports team.

“I’m more than willing to let the Coyotes go. We do not
have a Plan B. Our general fund in the past few years has
dropped from $72 million to $2 million. We have no reserve
at all to back anything that happens in Glendale.

“There are so many stadiums and arenas around the country
that are managed by professional services that don’t
receive massive investments from the city. The idea is to
turn that arena into a profitable arena, which it is not.”

Lieberman also opposes a planned city sales tax boost,
which could be approved in a matter of days, to deal with
a $35 million deficit. He said that will drive customers
and businesses out of the city.

A statement from the city about the upcoming meeting and
draft of the arena-use agreement can be found at the city