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Coyotes owner: Name change doesn’t necessarily result in uniform change

LISTEN: Anthony LeBlanc - Coyotes co- owner

The Phoenix Coyotes began their change binge over the summer, when they went from unowned to owned. And the changes keep coming.

They were thought to be headed to Seattle, and to Winnipeg just a year before, and then they were made to stay in Glendale for at least the next five years.

With Wednesday’s announcement that the team would officially be recognized as the “Arizona Coyotes,” more newness is on the horizon. But the Coyotes’ name change doesn’t necessarily result in a uniform change, other than a minor one.

“Our plan for next year is simply just to change the shoulder patch — to move it from the current PHX to the more proper AZ shoulder patch,” Coyotes CEO Anthony LeBlanc told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM’s Burns and Gambo show.

As for other changes to the uniforms, LeBlanc says the organization won’t have time to change them by next season, due to lead teams needed by designers and merchandisers in the process.

“It’s not as simple as me sitting in my office here in Glendale and drawing up a new logo,” LeBlanc explained.

“You have to go through a pretty long process.”

But the soon-to-be Arizona Coyotes do have more changes on the horizon, they’re just not quite as immediate.

“I think it’s fair to expect that there will be a uniform change in the near future, it just won’t happen next year.”