Someone shipped J.J. Watt a taxidermied badger in a box

Jan 5, 2023, 2:19 PM

It’s hard to imagine how much mail a famous NFL player gets from fans.

There are probably thank-you notes, ticket requests and fantasy football complaints enclosed.

Certainly, this box sent to Arizona Cardinals star J.J. Watt exists in a different category.

Watt revealed on Thursday that he opened a box that included what this non-Mustelid expert thinks is a taxidermied badger. He opened it with the stiffened badger laying belly-up in between packing plastic, a frightening find.

“I have received a lot of wild fan mail over the years,” Watt wrote. “This package that arrived today is certainly being added to the list.”

It appears that Watt wasn’t too intimidated by the lifeless creature, which he soon placed on his locker room chair.

While we are not experts on taxidermy, we can say that badger appears very lifelike and well-done.

And we’re hoping there’s footage of Watt’s teammates walking into the room only to see the large furball sitting on his chair.

Anyway, the reason for a taxidermied badger landing in Watt’s mail is probably because he once played football for the Wisconsin Badgers. If that’s not it, well, then the guess is anyone’s.


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Someone shipped J.J. Watt a taxidermied badger in a box