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Breaston says lockout is all about greed

Steve Breaston has a lot of free time on his hands thanks to the NFL lockout. While some players have taken to the Internet to openly admit they’re looking at the work stoppage like kids look at summer, as an extended vacation, the Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver has turned to YouTube to let fans know he feels their pain.

Breaston, who goes by S15Phantom on the video site, likes to express his feelings through poetry. On Thursday he shared with the world how he feels about the league’s labor dispute in a piece entitled: ‘A League Deferred’.

With lines like ‘They say it’s about business, but I’m here with no business at all’, ‘Doesn’t matter what kind of arguments we present, it feels like it’s all about greed’ and ‘I understand how ironic it is that I’ve told the kid to play 60, but we might not play a minute’, he makes his stance very clear.

He isn’t happy with the owners or his own trade association, he just wants to play football.

In a league where the dollars are more important than common sense and where fans seem to be about as important as modesty is to Lady Gaga, it’s refreshing to hear Breaston ask the questions most of us have been wondering for the better part of three months.

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