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Is Carson Palmer to Arizona still possible?

Thanks to the NFL lockout, the Arizona Cardinals have been unable to acquire a quarterback and begin to familiarize him with their offense.

Instead, the Cardinals have had plenty of time to weigh their options and to provide media and fans with enough gossip and rumors to keep high school girls happy.

Carson Palmer is a name that has faded as of late. Most of the attention has turned to either Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton, but some feel Palmer is still a viable option.
Mike Sando of wrote that if he were the Cardinals, he would try to acquire Palmer.

Impossible to make a decision independent of the price. If each were available for free and amenable to a long-term deal, I would rule out McNabb, then consider Palmer as my first option pending a full medical review to get a feel for how long he might be able to play, and at what level. If Palmer did not check out, I would lean toward Orton based on the fact that he has produced more consistently, whereas it is tougher to know what Kolb offers.

Sando’s analysis is an interesting one because it appears to be in the exact opposite order of most reports that seem to think the Cardinals are more interested in Kolb than Orton.

Palmer is certainly the most proven, and talented, of the three quarterbacks, but would the asking price be too high for Arizona?

Cincinnati clearly does not want to trade their quarterback and would probably be asking for a lot in return.

Palmer would instantly turn the Cardinals into a contender in NFC West, but he might be a bit of a reach.

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