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Kevin Kolb the second coming of Tom Brady?

The Arizona Cardinals are interested in Tom Brady.

Well, not really, but they are likely to pursue a younger version of the future Hall of Fame QB once the lockout is lifted, at least according to Eagles defensive end Trent Cole.

trent cole just compared kevin kolb to tom brady. seriously. great news for cardinals fans.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

That’s right, a player who lined up against the QB every day in practice says the unproven Kolb has the same attributes as a guy who has three Super Bowl rings, a host of MVP awards and six Pro Bowl appearances.

Does that work for you, Cardinals fans?

At this point in the game anything said about any player needs to be taken with a grain of salt. While Cole could be telling the truth, that he really believes his teammate will be a great player, there is always the chance he’s trying to hype up the unproven QB so that his trade value increases.

Still, the Cardinals are likely to have interest in the Eagles QB, and if they do acquire him they’d be ecstatic if Cole’s assertion, while maybe a little overzealous, is not really that far off.

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