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Fitz won’t talk Kolb due to ‘gag order’

You can talk to Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald during the lockout, just don’t ask him about any specific players his team may acquire.

After receiving a tweet from Adam Schefter that informed him one Philadelphia Eagle thinks Kevin Kolb will be the next Tom Brady, Fitzgerald responded with an elaborate ‘no comment’.

@AdamSchefter, b4 the lockout,Cards Mgt put a gag order on me from talking about any players under contract outside of the cardinals lol 😉less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Like the rest of us, he has to be tired of fielding questions about the Cardinals’ quarterback position and specifically Kolb. The tweet shows off Fitz’s humorous side while deflecting the question.

Can Fitzgerald talk about any player he wants? Of course, the lockout means the team and any ‘gag order’ they may or may not have placed on their players no longer hold any power. He just doesn’t want to find himself in the middle of the QB conundrum anymore than he already is.

Now if only we could have a gag order put on all rumors until the lockout is lifted, we’d be in business.

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